The End-of-Life Handbook

A Compassionate Guide to Connecting with and Caring for a Dying Loved One

by David B. Feldman, Ph.D. & S. Andrew Lasher, Jr., M.D.


  1. Could the Doctors Be Wrong?
    Understanding and Coming to Terms with Bad News

  2. Who Are All These People?
    Making Sense of the Medical System and Its Many Faces

  3. What Treatments are Available?
    Making Sense of Diseases and Medical Interventions

  4. What Can I Do about My Loved One’s Pain and Suffering?
    Addressing Physical Limitations and Difficulties

  5. Where Will It Happen?
    Choosing the Right Place and Type of Care for Your Loved One

  6. How Will It Happen?
    Dispelling Myths About the Final Days

  7. How Should I Be Feeling?
    Facing Your Feelings about Caring For and Losing a Loved One

  8. What Should I Be Saying?
    Learning to Talk with Someone Who Is Dying

  9. What Should I Be Doing? Part I
    Attending to Practical Matters

  10. What Should I Be Doing? Part II
    Attending to Matters of the Heart

  11. What Is the Meaning of it All?
    Considering the Spiritual Aspects of Dying

  12. Will I Ever “Get Over” Losing My Loved One?
    Discovering Life After Loss

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