Below are links to some of the courses that I teach in the graduate program in Santa Clara University's Department of Counseling Psychology.

CPSY214 (Evidence-Based Approaches to Psychotherapy)

CPSY217 (Short-Term Approaches to Therapy)

CPSY218 (Foundations of Psychotherapy and Personality)

CPSY265 (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy)

CPSY291 (Counseling for Grief, Loss, and Trauma)

Explores psychological issues and skills in counseling people coping with loss, grief, and life-threatening illness, and other traumatic circumstances. Topics include: current theory and research on coping with and resilience to grief, loss, and trauma; assessment and therapeutic interventions with individuals and families; cultural and spiritual dimensions; the evolving philosophy and practice of hospice and palliative care; stress management for the therapist. The applicability of these concepts and skills to everyday psychotherapy practice is emphasized. Prerequisite: 200. (3 units)sample syllabus

CPSY318 (Clinical Assessment I)