Below is a partial list of academic publications and presentations covering a variety of topics. The uniting theme is my desire to understand how people maintain hope and find meaning in the face of highly negative life circumstances. For a more complete list, please download my CV by clicking here.

Selected Publications

Feldman, D. B., & Sills, J. R. (2013). Hope and cardiovascular health-promoting behavior: Education alone is not enough. Psychology and Health, 28, 727-745..

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Selected Presentations

Feldman, D. B. (2012, May). The shifting nature of hope at the end of life. Invited address delivered at the annual retreat of the Kaiser Permanente Hospice, El Retiro Retreat Center, Los Altos, CA.

Feldman, D. B. (2011, June). Posttraumatic stress disorder and anxiety at the end of life. Invited address delivered at the Department of Veterans Affairs Integrating Mental Health into Palliative Care conference, Minneapolis, MN.

Feldman, D. B., & Sills, J. R. (2009, April). Hope, education, and the importance of health behavior among Asian and Latino immigrant populations. Paper presented at the annual Society of Behavioral Medicine conference, Montreal, Canada.

Feldman, D. B. (2008, September). From cure of quality of life: The shifting meaning of hope at the end of life. Keynote address delivered at the annual Palliative Care Conference, California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, CA.

Feldman, D. B. (2008, July). Counseling the family caregivers of terminally ill patients. Invited presentation delivered at the annual National Clinical Geropsychology Conference, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Feldman, D. B. (2006, March). Redefining Hope in Hospice. In-service training presented at Hospice of the Valley, San Jose, CA.

Phillips, P. B., & Feldman, D. B. (2005, February). Depth perception: Psychology and spiritual care at the end of life. Presentation delivered at the annual conference of the California Hospice Foundation. Berkeley.

Feldman, D. B., & Snyder, C. R. (2001, August). Hope, goals, and meaning in life: Shedding new light on an old problem. Poster presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association. San Francisco.