Public Speaking for Psychologists

A Lighthearted Guide to Research Presentations, Job Talks, and Other Opportunities to Embarrass Yourself

by David B. Feldman, Ph.D. & Paul J. Silvia, Ph.D.

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"Perhaps the most playful, informative, and easily digestible book on becoming an exceptional presenter. The thorough list of tips and strategies are tailor-made for psychologists—whether creating masterful conference presentations, perfecting job talks, or communicating effectively to the rest of the world (for whom statistical significance means nothing)."

- Todd B. Kashdan, PhD, Professor of Psychology, George Mason University

Few people look forward to talking in front of others, and even fewer do it as effectively as they could. But a career in psychology and its related fields involves extensive public speaking, so you will need to learn to do it well. Public Speaking for Psychologists is a practical and lighthearted guide to planning, designing, and delivering a presentation. The authors—both experienced presenters—offer realistic advice, useful tips, and humorous stories of embarrassing mistakes they’ll never make again.

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